Comment: I've been following this for a while now

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I've been following this for a while now

I like Chris Duane's videos and have been receiving his email updates on this for a while now. Curious, I kept reading them as they came in.

It seems he got into a business arrangement to sell silver with this guy Rob Gray. Who turned out to be a career hustler and rip-off artist ... and ironically (because Chris does whole articles and videos on the subject) is most likely a clinical psychopath: has no guilt, shame, or conscience for what he does to people.

How exactly Kokesh is involved, I don't know the extent of it. But apparently he was standing behind this guy Rob Gray the entire time, promoting him, and bashing Chris Duane - who turned out to be the injured party - Gray stole 100's of thousands of dollars, ripped him off for copyrighted coin designs, and almost ruined his reputation.

This is one of the things - among others - that have shed a lot of light on Adam's character for me.

Adam Kokesh is not to be trusted. He is egotistical, self-promoting, and shady. He thrives on the attention he gets from 'the movement' and his publicity stunts.

Maybe some of you admire his "courage". But wouldn't it be ironic and somehow poetic if this 'courage' in the face of tyranny for the sake of freedom ... is really just his own sociopathic absence of fear in the face of danger.

Has he seemed at all visibly upset in his videos or interviews, at any time from being attacked and persecuted by the feds? Full on helicopter raid and SWAT teams at his place etc ... being even a bit flustered and talking about the stress and moments of fear would be normal. I haven't seen any evidence of it yet.

He's full of sh*t imo. If you are still not convinced, hang back for a while and pay closer attention.