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Comment: Confessions of Libel

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Confessions of Libel

The more the libeler publishes, to me, the more the grave of discredit for the libeler is dug by the libeler.

What does that have to do with me?

I am merely the target of the day, and I really don't have anything to lose, so what would be the point of resorting to any other defense against such libel?

Purple words?

"Heck, if there is no right or wrong answer to anything and everyone's "opinion" about how the system works is equally valid regardless of its accuracy, then why are your words not "libelous."?"

If the claimant can offer an accurate source of the claimants authority, and I won't hold my breath, then a start for a possible investigation of that claim of authority can commence. Until that pin pointing of the actual source of the supposed authority, there is none, obviously none, measurably none.

If there is such a thing as a Private Corporate Offer of authority offered by those who belong to the Corporation that runs the Uniform Commercial Code product of supposed authority, then that can be understood as the pin point source of that specific claim of that specific authority.

If there is such a thing as a claim of authority originating from the document called The Constitution of the United States, then there are problems associated with that claim of authority as well.

If the claimant is claiming authority based upon either/or, depending upon whichever the claimant cares to employ at any given moment, either Uniform Commercial Code, or The Constitution of the United States, then that is a specific, known, lack of authority since there is a specific lack of authority nailed down by that person employing such ambiguity.

"You obviously have never studied libel, or procedure, or due process, or the Constitution, or much else other than how to log onto Mommy's computer."

Mommy passed away, in my case.

Libel is a crime where the victim may have something to lose, I don't. So what is the point of targeting me for libel?

"Oh - and for the learning impaired - I don't know or care if you are actually using Mommy's computer. The point is that you're not one to be taken seriously. Waiting for your great big throbbing lawsuit against me for libel. I can assure you I am quaking in mah boots!"

Assurances from known libelers are like campaign promises from politicians, like promises of remedy from Union Lawyers, and like justice for just the Union members.

I can trust that liars will lie, and that is at least something proven, and not needing an expert opinion to realize once the liar gets going.