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TY emalvini

What a joy to see this on the top of DP topics. I watched a fantastic documentary about this a few weeks ago. It featured the woman who figured out where it was, and she had video and showed us clips of the dig. It's absolutely AMAZING.. and they way they do digs.. it looks like a lot of fun. They are removing a tremendous amount of dirt, but the way they do it, it's not hard, it's like a dance.

There are so many outstanding things happening in Israel. Everyday I think, "Wow, I would like to post this on DP", but the idea that it would be downvoted.. I don't care about my own down votes.. I rarely vote anymore.. I gave you my only vote of the day and it's an upvote. I just would not like for these fantastic events to be down voted.

So it's wonderful to come and see you have posted a link.. the video is AWESOME! Hope you see it. And isn't it interesting that things like this, King David's Palace FOUND!, is not in MSM???

TY again!