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I'm sorry I really don't know what differences, if any, as to what you mean by grazers or browsers or both. All grazing animals will either heal the land, or destroy the land depending on your grazing management. Horses can be some of the most destructive animals for a pasture, but anything can ruin grassland if not properly managed. The best information on Holistic Grass Management is and you can find out how to rotationally graze horses, cows, sheep... to better the animal and the land. Yes, horses can get too fat, or sick by too much or improper grazing and cows are much easier to manage on grass meadows. Cows can be supplemented with other things like what you suggest, and even sugar beets (but I would never do that now because most are GMO.) Many people are growing their own green forage for their animals and I'm going to do that this winter. (here is an example of fodder ) Yes, cows do enjoy climbing and getting native grasses... that grow on hills.

A dairy cow needs to get pregnant and then have a calf to be milked, but then can continue to give milk for about a year and a half, sometimes longer, but she must be milked everyday. Most people breed their dairy cows every year, to calf in the spring, and then rebreed the cow to have another calf next spring. You stop milking the cow three or four months before she is going to give birth to her next calf to give her a rest. I hope that answers some of your questions. :)