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why do I come here to wade through the juveniles and the nutters to try to find the true liberty lovers?

I don't know.

If I were "afraid" and insecure I would not have gone to school, applied myself, and learned things. Instead, I might have been a lot like you. you have some intelligence, but you choose to apply it to youtube videos containing conspiracy theories. And that is why you are "interesting." But interesting is often a word used to describe questionable artwork.

You're right, I am not the 9-11 truther expert. What I tell people is I don't know enough about architecture, metallurgy and flight to know the real story. I do know our govt is incompetent, which it demonstrated. My belief is that the "official story" is incomplete but I favor it being caused by incompetence over evil in analysis of this one issue. But again, I don't have the countless hours to be the one guy on the internet who thinks he has the answers that everyone ignores. I don't have the luxury of not making a living, and that quite honestly sounds more thankless than law practice.

And, no I am not going to forego the reasonable expectations of privacy that I have for posting here anonymously, as I don't need to be harassed by crackpots. Sorry if that bothers you. As they say on Zero Hedge, you should question any controversial information that is not delivered with a pseudonym.

And I'm not hurt, butt or otherwise by your attacks. But if you are not a sov cit or tax protestor using their crackpot methodologies, why do you get so riled up when they are criticized? I think you can't handle being told something which is true, but which you don't want to hear. And that is the height of ignorance. Especially for someone who identifies as a "truther."

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein