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That's fiflthy minded

What I don't like are gloablists representing me, so I fought, for my seat. I had to work very hard because the GOP did me NO favors. Where the GOP threw a signing party and everyone signed each others petitions, I was not invited. I had to knock on doors introduce myself and tell them I was for Ron Paul. It actually worked out because door to door I got the word out for Ron Paul.

What did you do?

I was alone and now we are the majority, former libertarians, now we have a GOP liberty committee. What have you got?

Yeah? What do they do for you? not much.

Right YOU WOULD RATHER LOSE I get that. You're in the perfect party.

I'd rather fight and win. And we are.

TRUE Libertarians? What's that? Chomsky? SMOKE DOPE?

Smoke some more dope and keep on losin.