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Does value have a source?

Does value have a source?

It's not as difficult to answer as it seems:

yes, the value of something can have a source, albeit as much intangible as it is unavoidable; for one simple example that can come to mind:

the supply/demand law at works on (more or less) free markets is such intangible, ambient, implicit and implied "source of value", and for many things:

the price of something is simply whichever that anyone is willing to pay for it.

Say, if eBay is by any measure a representative facet of the supply/demand law as the "source of value" of my phone (that I have custody of) - the forces of demand vs. supply on eBay for this particular phone model (and age) may not be most interesting for me, but it is as legitimate as the status of the same demand vs. supply laws at play elsewhere.

Now, work, labor, innovative ideas, studies conclusions, initiatives, experiments, are (just IMO) more difficult to sketch as objective, reliably meaningful "sources of values" - because I think they are more prone to observer bias and one's own definitions of "source" and "value", or where, when, how, and why is it relevant to define, to begin with.

For me, the taxation topic, income tax or other kind, is easier to process : I question, focus, and I beg to argue against its principled intent and purpose, TO BEGIN WITH, rather than merely the soundness of clearly delimiting the scope of its definition.

My point is :

let's not fool ourselves, with enough efforts, arguments, and time (and... money), I suppose one could theoretically convince everybody else that what once called the "left" (side) ought to be called "right" (side), and vice versa.

Now, once that's done : does that make really a difference, in the same physical world - besides for descriptive purposes - when choosing to stay on the road or fall in the abyss?

You may have succeeded in redefining right side vs. left side cleverly, say swapping them, but there will still be a wrong way vs. a safe way to go - those, UNCHANGED!

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