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Comment: Sarah has come along way

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Sarah has come along way

from being under the McCain handlers. Two weeks before the election she started to go her own way, dissing McCain on his support of the bailouts etc.

I have watched her every step of the way and she has come our way on everything from medical marijuana to ending the Fed to ending the corporate and personal federal taxes.

In addition in late 2009, she dumped her McCain foreign policy advisors given to her by the campaign and hired one of the more well known main stream non-interventionist foreign policy advisors for SarahPac. Making statements like "we need to greatly limit our presence around the world for both financial and policy reasons"

She told her supporters to push a Ron Paul supporter for Alaska State GOP chair and she backed our efforts at the 2012 GOP national convention.

She is hated by the GOP establishment more than Ron Paul, I'm in.

I would 100% back her for Senate