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Comment: I was just watching...

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I was just watching... videos this evening of the 'It's a Small World' Disneyland ride with my 2 year-old (getting him excited for an upcoming trip there.) Maybe King, McCain, and Graham should be forced to share a boat through that ride non-stop until they emerge as non-interventionists. :) Guess that wouldn't be very libertarian, though.

Seriously, though -- as I was watching that Small World ride, I actually had tears start to form as it began to hit home how much innocence and hope and life has been ravaged by our meddling in various nations. The picture of the little girl with her jaw ripped off by one of our missile strikes in Libya came flooding back into my mind. Missile strikes that were cheered on by King and his ilk.

I used to think that 'Small World' vision was just a 'kumbayah', United Nations-inspired, one-world sentiment -- but when you look at how Washington and Jefferson emphasized restraint in foreign policy and seeking harmony through peaceful trade, I think they just might have been singing along with that never-ending tune. King, McCain and Graham and other warmongers are nothing like what our Founders were.