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Lol, you gotta understand no

Lol, you gotta understand no one on Daily Paul gets the irony of how they assume everything the white guy does is self defense, and everything the black guy does is attacking. They're just gonna run with the "fact" that Trayvon Martin attacked first, even though its completely unproven, and all your comments sympathetic to Martin will be down-voted 20 times. It's sad.

It's just more believable that the black dude attacked first in an unreasonable manner like a wild animal or something, than say the 2nd amendment gun owner maybe had his gun drawn maliciously already (you know, like a guy who just said 'assholes always get away' and 'fucking punks')or something and that's why Martin had to attack first, to defend himself. I'm not saying that I know that's what happened, but just saying its completely just as likely as the official Sean Hannity version of events everyone on this site believes. And the fact that that possibility is completely ignored by the people who say 'its got nothing to do with race', is what makes this whole case completely about race.

IMHO. lol.