Comment: Palin splits with Neocon foreign policy advisers

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Palin splits with Neocon foreign policy advisers

I believe Joeinmo's claim is correct about Sarah Palin. The following is from another thread I replied to in the past on this issue. For the record I would Support, w/ campaign donations, Sarah Palin for Senator from Alaska, and as VP for President Rand Paul.


Palin splits with Neocon foreign policy advisers

As we approach the convention, traffic on the DP is going to climb. Let's put on our suits and tie, or armor of God, or your game face. This is not the time for insulting people that we could be horse trading with in a few days.

I may not agree with all of her positions, but she has been nice to Ron Paul. Least we could do is be cordial in return. She warned the GOP that they can't win without Ron Paul and his supporters. She's right!


History shows she was right.

(A reply to this post noted the date was May 2011 and she went to Israel 2 months before then. I don't care. I want to go there some day too. And if someone wants to shoot the feces about foreign policy I'll bring up the USS Liberty! Done! Game over.)