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Comment: A couple items not mentioned, but relevant to any IRS post

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A couple items not mentioned, but relevant to any IRS post

First, the Income Tax was enacted to provide the US with a revenue source to help pay a specific debt. (And, also why public schools were created to free up 'Mom' from the kids - so she could join the work force ... and add to the IRS income. Sneaky Bastards)
So ... What debt, you may ask?
As detailed in the Grace Commission report ordered by President Reagan in '92;
A third of the individual income tax is wasted by inefficiencies of Government and to pay for the IRS bureaucracy. The report also stated a third is simply not collected due to the underground economy (in other words - cash sales, barters, etc). The later, of course, is projected since there is no way to truly document it without records.
The third that is left goes to ... What do you think?
Roads and bridges?
Schools, maybe?
Pay the degenerates in Congress?
Or, do they pay for the constant state of war the US Government has us in?
None of the above.
Bearing in mind, Corporate taxes are a different animal, as defined in the IRS Code. (And why GE only pays less than a 2% tax rate - Because they write the rules, people!)
Anyway ... drum roll !
Every penny left of our 'individual' income tax return goes to the IRS headquarters in Puerto Rico (A Territory belonging to The District of Columbia, NOT the USA; look it up) to pay the outstanding interest we owe the Federal Reserve for the money 'they print' for the US Government to use, calculated by the amount that is in circulation at the end of their 'fiscal year'. Which is, of course, April 15th.
Anyone remember a couple years ago when the date taxes were due was bumped to the 16th? If you read past the first sentence, it said it was due to a Puerto Rican national Holiday falling on the 15th. Didn't you wonder what the hell that had to do with the IRS's ability to collect the annual fleecing of the US work force?

Additionally, if I may?
There are folks who have fought the IRS and lost; big time.
However ... There are also many victories. Just not reported.
Gotta keep the throng from finding that chink in the armor.

This one was pretty huge -
Does anyone remember Joe Banister? He was an armed IRS enforcer and CPA who, during the seizing of a home for tax evasion, was asked by the homeowner, show me the law where it says I have to pay a percentage of my income to the US government.
After a concerted, investigative effort, even to the point of asking his superiors to guide him to the text that he thought must surely be documented somewhere, Joe could find no written law. IRS code, sure. But that is not law, that is an agency outside the jurisdiction of the three branches who writes it's own 'code' which is then 'approved' by a Congressional Committee.
He eventually quit, then the IRS tried to prosecute him with several income tax indictments as well as instructing others how to not pay the IRS.
Yeah, he won.
Look him up, interesting story, that.

Thanks for reading ....

"Trust, but verify"
"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."
- Ronald Reagan