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I don't think I've ever said what a genius I am. I have said I am a lawyer, and have knowledge in my field, and when your nutburger buddies post nonsense I call it htat.
Orly is a joke. Many of her biggest critics are fellow lawyers.

And on those subjects, a couple of questions to ponder, rhetorically:

1. If one can't even win such a case, with real evidence, then was there a case to begin with?

2. If there was a case to begin with, then why do they all lose?

3. If there wasn't a case to begin with, why spend the effort and money on it?

and finally -

4. Doesn't all this talk about "Obama being a secret this or that" (insert Kenyan, Muslim, or whatever word suits your fancy) detract from the real issue of WHAT HE DOES WHILE IN OFFICE?

I'm conviced that you and your type are easily fooled. All someone has to do is wrap themselves in libertarian-ish sounding rhetoric, tell you things you want to hear, and you think automatically that they know what they are talking about. So much for truth and searching for it. You just love pandering.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein