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The piece you're missing is that we DON'T have to wake anyone up

People didn't wake up to the benefits of corruption and change their lives to allow banks to take over. It happened behind their backs. Why do they 'have to' do so to change it back? We're simply wasting time and resources by going down this path.

Why can't we simply use the same propaganda, commercialism and 'keep up with Jones'es' tactics that the banks used. We can make shiny new products that attract people for these same materialistic reasons but when purchasing them, those people rob a little profit from those banks. Then collectively, the banks lose more with each purchase.

For example, if we were to offer private group pool insurance which focused on preventative, rather than corrective medicine, how many of those customers would waste money on the old system? How many would stand for Obamacare? Of the people who hadn't bought into it, how many would investigate why their neighbor only pays $50/month and lives so much better? How many would come begging to sign up? ...and finally, how long would the current insurance industry survive?

Same with clothes... What if 'we' (a small organized and focused group) offered clothes that were better in every way, lasted longer and cost less while putting good people to work? What if others found out those clothes were made of sustainable, naturally grown, less water dependent hemp and dyed with organic colors? What if the countries that allowed that crop were suddenly major export winners? How long before Americans would be beating down Congress's door to get it legalized here?

What if we then took these success stories and promoted a free, mesh based, wireless internet that was more private, robust and faster but which didn't even require any extra cost for people in large cities? What if even old, outdated and unused phones not on any service plan could become part of this new network all for the effort of a simple download? What if the majority of data traveling on such a system was 100% secure and private, simply because it only traveled from one phone directly to their neighbor because there was no longer any central authority? How long would it take for the majority to adopt this system and put carriers AND THE NSA PEEKERS out of business?

All of this is possible now and much of it is being used. It's actually been available for quite some time. And we can support and grow it with no interference from the government or banks or mega-corporations. In fact, this abridged list is the tip of the iceberg.

**Read this repeatedly**
Pretty much every single 'need' and most 'wants' can be given to the people nearly free or less than they're paying now if some small group wanted to stay focused on this task. This is not speculation. All these products exist and are fighting their way to non-indebted financing as you read this. Work on them has been quietly underway for a long time and the reason you haven't heard about them is to avoid their corruption and take-over.

With the viral nature of info these days and the distributed nature of 21st Century automation capacity we possess, in less than 10 years, we could completely move to this world and dramatically change the world. In 5 years or less, we could make enough progress that today's finance structure couldn't even survive.

So, my question becomes this: If all this happened, and by simply trying to save themselves money, the people became self sufficient, local based, non-polluting, resource miserly and took full advantage of technological advancements themselves and the result was the root problem banks died off, how could the current corrupt power structure ever manage to stay in power? Would this not become a self feeding loop, leading people in the right direction without waking them up? Would this path not be a better use of our limited resources than yelling 'tyranny!' from a mountain top?