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of course you don't offend me, I was just trying to say that in the Old Testament it talks about New Moon feasts, and it says the sabbath is from sundown too sundown.

the moon cycle is about one month long, with each quarter seven days apart, leaving 6 work days, and 1 Sabbath, with a little extra while the moon is dark, that way anyone, rich or poor could look in the sky and know what day it was, so it makes a lot of sense.

I am sorry if you thought I was being condescending or something because I was not.

so I apologize as well, I guess that makes us even :)

as for Wicca it is a modern religion with no real cohesion, I see these kids online, saying stuff like:

"I worship the ancient wood goddess of Babylon, because her personality matches mine"

Crazy world, have a wonderful Sabbath no matter what day you keep it, every day belongs too the same Almighty God.