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it is a virtue

Right now, where I live, tourists have quadrupled traffic. Where it usually takes me 10 minutes to get to town, no one being on the road, it now takes a half hour. Many tourists drive 15 mph under the speed limit, in bliss, taking in the redwoods and the ocean, and everything is so beautiful. Since tourists are a part of our economy, I have learned to give them their space.. give them plenty of room to FEEL where they are and enjoy the ride.

I see locals who cop attitudes.. "I live here and I KNOW this area so move over." I have even seen letters to the editor where locals complain about the traffic. But I think more locals are like myself, we KNOW people come here and don't KNOW the place, and the big trees and crashing waves on the rocks are breath taking.. so let them breathe, after all, it is beautiful and gives me the opportunity to enjoy it too.