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Comment: I didn't realize it at the

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I didn't realize it at the

I didn't realize it at the time.... but South Park probably laid the groundwork for the mindset that I now hold. In 2004, I was too young to vote and think for myself, I told myself I was a democrat because it was 'cooler' than being republican. .

In the 2008 election cycle, i remember specifically watching Obama speak and being pretty stoked on him, he was talking about issues that spoke to me, ending the war, Guantanamo, environmental problems, etc. I was in a very liberal place in VT, Bernie Sanders was huge. Then I heard Ron Paul, from the first 2008 debate performance of his I watched, I was hooked. I still didnt have strong feelings against Obama and would've rather had him than McCain at that time, but I was naive to the actual American influence on Politics, or lack there of....

Ron Paul is who encouraged me to read into the philosophy of liberty, both personal and economic. Over the years, I've dabbled into Lew Rockwell, read most of Human Action, so Mises was huge, MIlton Friedman video's helped me a lot, a little Rothbard. Bastiat, Howard Zinn was a good read, John Stossel, Judge Napolitano, Chomsky, Terrence Mckenna, Dennis Kucinich. Now that I watch South Park, I understand the message.... this would not have been possible without Ron Paul, he reigns supreme

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...