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I would happily take someone from the religious right that supports the constitution and traditional Americanism than some Nutjob atheist who hates the United States and what it stands for.

I feel sorry for the God haters out there.

I haven't been to church since Easter Sunday, yet some idiots out there think if you beleive in God you are religious right.

Palin has traditional values, she an '80s girl, Reagan, Pro American all that stuff and she is rural not from the city.
However, she is nowhere close to Religion and God that the Founding Fathers based this country on, to contrary BS that people try to claim otherwise. I do believe Ron and Rand Paul attend church every week, they both have invoked God and Jesus Christ before, same as Palin, Rand went to Israel, Palin is no war monger.

Palin - "Obama could win reelection if he played the war card and declare war on Iran"

During the 25 minute interview with Chris Wallace, Palin "I got this from Pat Buchanan "

While many mistook Palin's Statement for going to war with Iran, to the contrary, the piece that Pat Buchanan wrote was anti-war with Iran and that Obama would beat the war drums with Iran right before the election to gain himself support.

No doubt Palin is a supporter of Israel, she has become more non-interventionist as time goes by.

Most recently in June 2013, Palin said the US should follow a more non-interventionist foreign policy worldwide, and said the President Obama should move the United States away from any involvement in Syria.