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It's great they put her in from a backlash of conservatives who didn't like McCain.

I believe, many of us are aware that the GOP and Democratic Party have been hi-jacked by a third rail of very active people working to desenfrancise Americans from their republic and give them a global government.

What' I've notced since I've been in the GOP, that is you have a record like Palin's you have a chance to be a congress, senate, governor, because the third rail was too affective outting conservatives.. look at what Ron paul did.. hid under the radar.

And then when he made a run, he was censored. The third rail FEARS people will actually wake up and get in these parties and do something... and they are.. but it's not libertarians.

I do not believe McCain or Romney was in it to win.

Yesterday at my committee meeting, I got into it somewhat with a "controller" who told me the person CA ran for senate was a good candidate.. I let him have it.. and he ignored me after that.. I made my point, and I'm sure he is there to watch me and our Liberty Committee.. His ignoring me didn't stop my conversation with others as our conversation burried his own BS. I then left.

You don't have a bridge to sell me. And, I'm not looking to buy a bridge. I'm looking to OUT this third rail, or swing them to the right.

My dad told me a long time ago, "If you want to get something done, ask a busy person".

Busy people WORK.. my own portfolio is amazing what I have done.. so why would I not put it past Palin? Someone who has free time, is becasue they don't have a work ethic. they work for free time.

Many very powerful people come out of nowhere with nothing.. Hitler is a great example, I'm sorry to say.

I think the so called pro-woman's left ignored Palin and cut her down. I think MSM built her image up and why she went MSM.

Rand Paul's endorsement was not backing Romney. He KNEW his dad was not in it to win. He knew plenty of rEVOLutionaries thought we could BE LIKE RON PAUL and vote for ehoever we wanted.. I didn't even know central committees existed.. loyalty oaths? Rand warned us with his endorsement that the GOP was going to OUT us.

I don't know anyone who supported Romney.