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Comment: I never drove a car until I was 30

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I never drove a car until I was 30

All I had was my beloved bike, and so I know what you are saying.

When I see a bike, I drive to the divider, because there's this idea, as wrong as it may be, "It's just my luck this guy will fall in from of me".

Another thing that is weird.. I notice that if there is a boke or a pedestrian, there will be a car from the other direction.. so we line up.. horizontal to the road, and so if the boke is on the other car's right.. I'll drive to my right to give them room to swerve.. or if the boke is on my side, I'll try to speed up or lower my speed to avoid the line up. It's not the boke I worry so much about as the other driver.

I do wish there were more and wider bike lanes where I live.