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Not sure how old you are

but I have been anti-establishment for awhile. While most of the morons in the US were backing George Herbert Walker Bush in the primaries of 1988, I backed Ron Paul with the LP in the general, then Pat Buchanan in 1992, 1996 in the GOP and 2000 with the Reform Party, I have yet to vote for a Democrat or GOP Presidential candidate since my first vote for President in 1984 - Reagan, it's either been Constitution Party or LP or luckily a write-in for Ron Paul this last time out. However, if Sarah Palin ran against, Clinton, Gore, Kerry or Obama I can assure you it would have been the first time since Reagan I would have voted for the GOP nominee and I think she would have won.

Yes I know than Rand backing of Romney was a political move, he is a chess master at it and is doing well at it.

However, Do not underestimate Sarah Palin, being Governor of Alaska does not automatically thrust you into liberty and patriotic positions, but she is a fast learner, and her upbringing and natural instincts has gravitated her to our side. She does not come from money, she comes from everyday, she goes to the grocery store, she pumps her own gas, she has problems with her children and is open about it. She does not have a pedigree and that's why she connects with everyday Americans who are only the tiniest bit political. The one thing Ron Paul had going for him was his consistency throughout his political career, but unless you were a political junkie some of his stuff never connected with the general public, even though he was absolutely correct, Rand is much better at connecting with the general GOP population, but Palin is better at connecting with the average non political American population. If Rand wants to win over the General Population he needs to be able to connect, like he did with drones spying and his filibuster.