Comment: As a graphic designer, my jaw dropped

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As a graphic designer, my jaw dropped

when I myself downloaded the PDF of the "LF-BC" FILE and opened it with Adobe Illustrator (a common practice to see if any items in the file can be removed or copied out). But when that file opened on my comp and I saw the way it was CONSTRUCTED with 9 Perfectly assembled layers... :O

Now, as a Canadian, this freaked me the f* out because I realized you guys have a fraud posing as your president. You actually haven't had a president in office since 2008. Instead, you have some corporately groomed CEO of USA Inc. Every Corporately favoured law and executive order this Fraud has signed is RIGHT NOW completely and legally invalid as a result. All these "ISSUES" imposed on the people of your nation are illusions, fraudulent ones, nothing more. You have ACTUAL CRIMINALS running your government.

If THIS isn't your #1 priority to help expose or even support its exposure, then sadly it feels as if you have already lost because everything that's going on in your nation and around our world is being done fraudulently whether you got played by Trump and now believe this is an irrelevant joke and why should you care anyway, or not.


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