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Comment: I got a list

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I got a list

My father..WWll Navy Vet & defender of the Constitution
His mom (Grandma) who had me watching news and reading the paper, and asking questions at age 5 (at age 4 I was past See Dick & Jane)
My granny (moms mom) Who taught me the Golden Rule
My mom was a Republican with Democrat values (vise versa for my dad) Confused..learned nothing from her on the matter
4th Grade teacher..a very sweet black lady who told us that people where Gods walking-talking-breathing-rainbows on earth...And He keeps putting the rainbow in the sky to show us all colors can be together in peace
My own curious nature as to why people allow corruption and keep elected it to office
The fact I was born-raised-during with a war going on and dont remember when we've ever really had a true time of peace
A boy I went to school with who grew up to join the Marines and did many tours Iran/Iraq...he killed himself less than a year ago. He just couldnt take seeing in his dreams what he saw over there anymore.
Ron Paul..of course
The question you ask doesnt leave room really for a simple answer. There are many things that came together to shape the lives of most of us and either woke us up..or if we where awake..gave us a voice to speak out.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina