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Comment: Ron Paul is a republican

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Ron Paul is a republican

I was a libertarian in 1988 and Ron Paul PISSED ME OFF. There were many good libertarians who had earned that nomination, and when Ron paul changed from being a Republican to take the LP nomination. I was among many Libertarians who protested in OUTRAGE. We heard tons of excuses.. Ron Paul saw the light, Ron Paul had experience in a major party and was going to lead the LP to main stream.. we heard tons of stuff about Ron Paul.. so being I had joined the LP 76, I pinched my nose and voted Ron Paul. And then, Ron Paul left the LP. Abandoned us. Yep.. he was a libertarian for all of 6 months.

Like you, I wanted NOTHING to do with the GOP. I understand that.

But what you need to understand is Ron Paul and the libertarians like me who joined the GOP to help give Ron Paul the GOP nomination, we have formed libertry committees.. we are not Jeb Bush Republicans because we are not globalists like Jeb Bush.

There is a difference between Jeb Bush and Rand Paul and it's important to under stand what that difference is. It's smarter to KNOW what that difference is than to say they are they same. That's a politically immature statement. I hope you stick around DP and learn what that difference is.