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that's a beautiful sentiment

that's a beautiful sentiment expressed by your teacher...
Now that you mention teachers I have to include my 9th grade English teacher, Mr. Moody. He saw "Bad Religion" written on my shoe with a sharpie and pulled me into the hall to discuss their music as well as their political message (he said he had a few of their original vinyls) while the other students did the assignments...
He was impressed with my writing so him pulling me aside during class after lecturing became an almost everyday thing. During that time he taught me about anarchism, democratic socialism, laissez faire capitalism, etc. After making sure I sufficiently understood these concepts, we debated and he assigned papers specifically to me, forcing me to rationalize and back up my political positions with fact. I did none of the work required of the other students and instead received a grade based on those papers.
Thank you Mr. Moody - You were by far the best teacher I've ever had.