Comment: I think college is worth it

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I think college is worth it

Since one can be enrolled in college at 14, if you can pass the exams, I think it's better to go to college and get an AA/AS/BA/BS degree than worry about prom night.

Americans have been dumbed down. In Zappa's day, people got a better education in high school, and there were blue collar jobs to be had that paid a living wage.

When you look at that list you've provided, you need to understand, there was a lot more than not going to college, that made that happen.

First, believe it or not, many of those companies got their start because family, beit Jewish or Catholic, connections (and this includers Frank's folks and many people in the entertainment industry owe more to their Church or Temple than the MSM ever gives credit or any at all).

Also in Zappa's time, there were organizations like the Grange that gave additional education, Grange teaches how to write resolutions, Robert's rules of Order.. these organizations were SOCIAL SECURITY, before the government decided it could do a better job.

When you consider the hundreds of thousands of high school graduates, that's a very short list of success, and again, if it were not for family that had attorneys and connections.. they would have been sold out.

One reason the music industry LOVES youth is YOUTH, without family back up, gets sold out, and drugs.... RIP Kurt Cobain.. a perfect example.. there's so many who pay a very heavy price for fame someone else to this day is profitting from.

Let's also not forget, Zappa did everything he could to protect his family, and give his kids a better than adverage chance in life.

Also, as military brat, the military works very hard to keep kids in the military generation after generation. Military does not teach those of us who decide to leave the military how to make it in civilian life.

So if you think smoking pot is great in high school.. and your family isn't well connected, chances of you making it to that list are not very good.

So I suggest, don't down college.. get in as early as you can.. 14, 15, 16, 17.. graduate with a bachelor's degree, and make connections.. college is also about making connections.

Make your family a stronger family for having you. LOVE your family, warts and ALL. God gives us family to teach us that LOVE is not easy, but profound.