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Not at all

You are not going to avoid government. It is you who are SUBmitting by remaining outside the GOP enabling them to continue a warfare state. You want NO control over your life.

If you want to socialism to end, get in and fight to end it.

Ron was and is a REPUBLICAN.

There are conservative and liberal libertarians. You have a lot of homework to do.

I didn't create the welfare state, I have fought as a Libertarian and Indy for over 30 years. WE LOST and WE LOST and WE LOST and WE LOST.. and we keep losing....

Ron Paul INVITED US to join the GOP and take it to restore the Republic, and that is what I did, and am doing. It's about getting in to change the GOP.

I know you are enjoying the warfare state, that's why you attack those who got in the GOP to change it. You resent that. You LOVE the warfare state and want to keep it like it is.