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Comment: I just go around.

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I just go around.

I see traffic behavior as a microcosm of peoples behavior as well.

However, driving etiquette differs regionally.

Some think central american drivers are crazy, when in fact (at least in Costa Rica) they pay more attention to each other; e.g. not letting you pass if they see a dangerous blind curve ahead.

I think people's disregard for each other on the road is sometimes atrocious. Also, often people who think they are being kind to an individual (e.g. yielding to someone out-of-turn) are actually negatively effecting even more people.

It's all probably a problem of partial accounting; not taking the entire situation into consideration, and not paying attention to signage (which we were all taught in drivers training).

From what I can see, most people break common traffic laws all day long (probably) without even realizing it. When someone like me comes along, asserts correct driving behavior (asserting my right-of-way), people actually get disturbed. Ironic.

So, when a car doesn't take their right-of-way, I consider them to be an obstruction to traffic, and I simple go around. I'm still baffled that people would get upset for me going on my way, while they continue to sit at the intersection (their choice).

The USA is the greatest nation. ;p (Maybe. If you don't judge it's drivers)