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I believe that when it is our time to go, it is our time to go. How we go, when we go, that is the hand of God, no matter what.. incompentant doctors, accidents that didn't have to happen..

I became convinced of this when I met man, who when he was 16 put a rifle in his mouth and blew off the right side of his head. He was in surgery many times and it took him two years before he was released. His parents took him home. He was 18 when he picked up the same rifle and shot off the back of the left side on his head.

It took him about 10 years to recover, he went home, and he showed me his rifle. Why his parents didn't get rid of that rifle, I don't know. He has had many reconstructive surgeries. He's angry as ALL HELL BROKE LOSE, and he goes through life trying to get someone pissed off enough to shoot him.

One reason I am a believer is because I have seen so many miracles.. people who should have died, but they didn't. And like your friend Dave, May God in his mercy, keep him, and bless his family and friends, seemingly senseless deaths.

What you wrote about Dave was not corny, but beautiful. How fortunate all of you are to have known and LOVED Dave. The world is a better place for having him, and now Heaven is a better place.

Peace be with you.