Comment: I think you make some really good points

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I think you make some really good points

As a military brat, it was interesting that oil and gas contractor brats were very much like us, and a few times, I had the opportunity to have friends whose parents were contractors.. my Father retired from the military, and what did he do.. get a job with an oil surveying company!

Matter of fact, one reason I got interested in conservation (what became environmenalism) was the military bases were so polluted. I remember thinking that I had to clean up my messes.. why didn't they?

I have met many Muslims from many areas, and I find that when they are a minority, they are the friendliest people. When they are the majority.. they don't know you. I think this may be true for any religion actually.

Freedom is a common thread when freedom prevails, but where freedom does not prevail.. religion becomes the freedom, which is why Islam is so successful taking failed governments. As the governments become unjust and unfair, God's grace is all one has.

As a woman, a very strong woman, I would have a problem being Muslim.

I used to go to this Muslim owned gas station and got into a conversation with the woman behind the counter. She was about to legally change her name. She talked about how she had been a drunk and addict and was abused frequently, by men especially, and women, and the people who owned the gas station had saved her. They adopted her. She became Muslim, and as she was telling me about her conversion, How she was now owner of the gas station. Her adopted brother came in and asked her what was going on.. and she tells him that we were talking.. he told her to get to work, no time to talk, no offense to me..

I saw her a few weeks after.. she was caring for the adopted mother. She wouldn't look at me (no problem), but it dawned on me.. she had been used for her citizenship and was, in the name of being adopted, a slave. She was clean.. and I think that is wonderful, but she doesn't have any rights. She has to ask them what she can do.

Now me.. being me.. Had he asked me what was going on, I would have asked, "What?" and if he told me there was work to do, I would have told him, "You worry about your work and I'll worry about mine." As you can see, no muslim man would put up with me and if he tried to lay a hand on me, he'd get hurt. I imagine I would be stoned to death.. because Muslims have a diffeent idea of what strength is.

Susan B. Antony once said, "I can tell a Granger woman for as far as I can see her, because she carries herself as a man."

My dad used to say, "Behind every strong man is a stronger women."

You bet! Strong men don't hit women or tell them what to do, they enjoy the relief having a partner who can and will carry the load and still do their own thing.