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Agency Says Hamas Took Aid Intended for Needy

Published: February 4, 2009

JERUSALEM — The United Nations agency that provides assistance to Palestinian refugees said Wednesday that the Hamas police in Gaza had seized aid supplies intended for the needy, signaling increased tensions between the agency and the Hamas leaders of the Palestinian enclave.

The accusation was made in a statement by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, or Unrwa, which condemned the action “in the strongest terms” and demanded the return of the goods.

On Tuesday afternoon, according to the statement, the police confiscated about 3,500 blankets and more than 400 food parcels from a warehouse at the Gaza City Beach Camp that were meant to help hundreds of families in the area. It was part of the emergency aid being distributed in the aftermath of the Israeli military offensive in Gaza that ended on Jan. 18.

According to the statement, the incident took place “after Unrwa staff had earlier refused to hand over the aid supplies to the Hamas-run Ministry of Social Affairs. The police subsequently broke into the warehouse and seized the aid by force.”