Comment: Yes, Income Tax is Voluntary

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Yes, Income Tax is Voluntary

What most people can't remember is when they volunteered.
It is a several step volunteer program just to be sure they have your consent to tax you.

Step 1 Beg for a Birth Certificate from the U.S. Government (democracy/communist state)
Step 2 Accept a "Certificate of Berth" instead of a certified copy of the birth record.
The birth record records you as a new State Citizen, heir to America, the "Certificate of Birth" is actually a death certificate which places your inheritance into a private trust set up by the vital statistics people as a side gig to make money off of you. If your Mother falls for this bait and switch and doesn't ask for the real birth record but accepts the public employees side scam then you just got probated (until challenged). The U.S. citizen is legally dead just like a military soldier and has "no lawful rights of any kind". By Accepting the Death Certificate the vital statistics officer sent your Mom she accepted citizen ship for you in the land of the dead (Washington D.C.) instead of in the land of the living, your country, like Iowa, or Kentucky (State Citizen).
Step 3 ACCIDENTALY sign up for a job as a Warranted Contracting Officer serving on a military supply vessel performing War Contracts for the military government. Social Security is this War Contract! It was created in 1938 to supply World War II which was well under way by then.
Step 4 ACCIDENTALY sign a codicile to your will on an Estate gift tax form. The 1040 is an Estate gift tax form. Look it up, section five IRS tax forms "Estate Gift Tax". Since your mother accepted a Death Certificate for you and Probated you ACCIDENTALY and you never undid that, all your property is in an Estate! So the first 1040 you sign shows your will for who the Estate Gifts will be going to! Of course you can gift the tax to yourself as soon as you are 18 if you weren't clueless.

So yeah, you got volunteered by Death Certificate and War Contract Supply Vessel (Social Security) then sealed the will with your signature on the 1040.
Best to get rid of the Social Security "Warranted Contracting Officer" job on a military Supply Vessel and get your Estate out of Probate by recovering the certified copy of birth record and returning the fraudulent death certificate concealed by the name "Certificate of Live Birth".

Like they changed the name of the War Department to Department of Defense they also pulled a fast one on you by sending your Mom a Death Certificate (Cerificate of Live Birth) for her baby instead of a certified copy of the birth record. So you got the New Deal, you are legally dead and are considered property of the State of United States (singular). Maybe your Mom didn't mean to volunteer you to be cannon fodder?
Maybe you should pipe up and ask for the certificate of life. Of course the vital statistics officer will ask for the Death Certificate back that was "ACCIDENTALY " sent to your Mom.

Clever, you were volunteered through deceit and our own ignorance.
If you want, it is easy to undoe. Just write to the vital statistics office and ask for a certified copy of birth record.
Of course they will ask for the fraudulent Death Certificate Back to conceal their crime.
Play dumb, don't challenge or accuse them of anything.
Then send the SS card back to the Department of Treasury and ask for a refund.

It is amazing simple to unvolunteer from U.S. citizenship (communism) and return to your native land's State Citizen status.
So what are you waiting for?

The Oracle