Comment: Thanks, I really want to set up an aquaponics system

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Thanks, I really want to set up an aquaponics system

however I don't own the land I am on (I'm caretaking a property that is for sale) so I don't want to get all set up and have to move on. I own two other pieces of property, but both have issues that make it impossible for me to start "farming". I've got about a 3 month supply of freeze dried now and I do dip into it from time to time (mainly when wifey isn't here to cook for me)

I'm leaning towards a combo package, sans the Bobcat as I have a little backhoe that'll tide me over.

Does anyone here know anything about Druganov rifles? I'm thinking of one of those because the rounds are pretty cheap. I can get old 7.62 X 54 Russian and Polish and Czech rifles for under 200 bucks but that's with iron sites...

I miss my video camera though. The last one set me back $600 and lasted 4 years.

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