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ya i don't agree w/ mr mises

ya i don't agree w/ mr mises on everything either. on reading Socialism i became aware for the first time of his naive acceptance of Freud who was the psychological guru of he time. of course today he is regarded as a pseudo scientific cult leader who set back psychology by decades.

a lot of mises is dated, and there are some areas where someone like Hoppe or Rothbard is better than Mises, like on their understanding the nature of political democracy. And Rothbard's incisive analysis of the networks that underlie the market system like the legal-banking-security complex.

all these thinkers are flawed and become dated in some ways as time goes on. I just despise the cultists and worshipers who won't tolerate anyone disagree with their Guru, who is supposed to be right on all points for all time. they require this i suppose for their emotional peace of mind that every question have a readily accessible answer from a single guru or a handful of gurus.