Comment: This is what happens.....

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This is what happens.....

....when libertarians don't show up to the GOP meetings, think other Ron Paul Republicans will take care of it, or throw their hands up and say the "GOP is irredeemable, SO I QUIT."

This is what happens.

"Eternal vigilance" does not mean during an election cycle, it means every day, every week, every month, every year, for ever and ever.

Kudos to the 276 Ron Paul Republicans who were eternally vigilant and showed up. Catcalls to the wildhairs who gave up, quit, or decided someone else would take care of it for them.

All that was needed was 40 more RPRs to show up. To make that up in an election cycle, i.e. to take back over a county party, will take 10 to 100 times, that's right, 1000% or 10,000% the effort vs. just showing up to your county party meetings when you're supposed to.