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I missed a few

Robert Welch -John Birch Society
Barry Goldwater
Ronald Reagan
Aaron Russo -Beers in Palatine
Matt Stone & Trey Parker
Henry Hazlitt -Economics in One Lesson
John Stuart Mill
John Locke
Free born John Lilburne
Anne Turgot -French Libertarian Economist
Thomas Paine Common Ssense -The Age of Reason
Friedrich Hayek -Road to Serfdom
Sharon Harris -The Advocates
David Boaz -Libertarianism: A Primer, The Libertarian Reader
R.W. Bradford Liberty Magazine
Tucker Carlson -media
Thomas Szasz -Psychiatry
Rudolf Rummel -Democide
Leonard Read -I Pencil
Robert Ringer -Ballot Access News
Virginia Postrel -Reason
Jim Tobin -Americans for Tax Reform

I've ended up being a Deontological Minarchist Libertarian with Georgist transitional practicality and Athiest origins....I think.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ