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When I attended chef school

I worked as a student aide for the dean, and there was a revolt of sorts affecting the department, as several muslim women refused to wear a chef uniform and demanded rights to wear their scarves instead.

One woman was from Egypt and we had several conversations as she waited for the dean. In one of these conversations she informed me that she hated America. I asked her why she didn't return home. She said that shortly after coming to America, her husband fell in love with another woman and divorced her. She could not return to her country because even though he had left her and her children, and divorced her, she was at fault in her famili'es belief system, and she would be condemned. She said she wanted to go home, and was very sad that she could not.

I have asked many legal and illegal immigrants why they come to America and why they want, or don't want, to become citizens.

Most of them tell me that America has opportunities their native countries do not have. It's that simple. They are willing, and wanting, to work, work hard.

People from China tell me that one American portion of meat feeds a family of four in China. Mexicans tell me that they can build a home in Mexico while living communily. Students from the ME tell me they have full scholarships and spending money and jobs to return to when they go home. Same for Tiawan and South Koreans. Japanese LOVE America, seems more than most Americans, they have more living space. People from India and Pakistan, who take great offense if you confuse them, appreciate the opportunity in the corporate and education systems.. they are not so keen on returning home, but rather invest in family businesses is working on small empires. ALL love the freedom to not have to go to government or Church meetings, but can do what they want with their free time.. like Disneyland, or golf courses, or driving nice cars on nice roads, indoor plumbing and electricty, garbage pick up..

Many things we take for granted, they do not.

I think it's respectful to be curious, rather than assume or fear, why someone chooses to live in America. It helps me appreciate and LOVE America.