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After WWI

DuPont got the formula to crack oil. Crude used to be a smelly mess people lived with in ground and in water. People used hemp oil and whale oil, even olive and nut oils, but crude was not part of humanity until after WWI. The ME was known to have so much crude that lightening would set rivers of fire.

So with their patent, DuPont and their buddies went to the ME and made deals with the Saudis. They would build the derricks, do all the work and pay the king for the oil. The King thought this was great. American business was coming to clean up the land and pay them! Oil was cheap, and an industrail age grew, automotive industry grew, military transportation grew, and the populations grew, and the Saudis got rich, and other wanted to know if they had oil, and so the oil industry grew.

And other nations looked with envy at America's growth, and they wanted oil, and so the battles begun, which included WWII because the Nazis and Islam had wanting to eliminate Jews as a common factor, and of the Nazis eliminated Jews, they would get oil, and Germany appealed to the surrounding countries, and why they gave up their Jews, adn why America came in so late in the game, because it came time to protect the investment and the structure they had built.

America became oil dependent, the military consumes a huge amount of oil. So our wars in the ME are first and formost to make sure we have oil, becasue if we don't have oil, we have lost the ability to sustain without it. When you get in your car, thank the military for that gas.

It's ironic to me how so many people who say they want peace are the same people who say they don't want to drill for oil. When I see no war stuckers on cars I think, "You have no idea how you are able to fuel that car".

Furthermore, none of this has been forgotten by Israel, and so Israel is making huge advances in alternative energy. We are 10 years behind and the big daddy's like DuPont have bought the patents, and sit on them waiting for a MIC contract, becasue they want the profit..