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Thomas Woods, William T. Sherman, and the atomic bomb.

To make a long story short - in terms of local politics, I was already pretty libertarian by 15 or so. I'd been doing a lot of history reading, and Tom Woods had a pretty huge impact. I was very into the War for Southern Independence, and more or less utterly despised Sherman.

In terms of foreign policy, you'd have thought I was a neocon. But then I started thinking. Trying to reconcile my views of Sherman's campaign of madness with my views of the atomic bombs, and by extension, America's "Bomb first, shoot second, occupy third, ask questions two decades later" foreign policy. They wouldn't reconcile. I KNEW Sherman was in the wrong, and I THOUGHT modern policy was right. When push came to shove, I concluded that our entire foreign policy was wrong.

So yeah, one live guy, one dead guy, and a nuclear bomb completely corrected my foreign policy views.