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Opportunity knocks

This article is worth the read - and Adam K's situation (as well as
that of Chris Williams and others) *should* up the awareness
about the injustice of the laws that allow this.

It basically stems from the 1968 gun control act - anyone who
uses/possesses a something that is a federally "controlled substance"
is deemed a felon if they also possess even a single live round of ammo.

It is also a felony to falsely state that you are not such a users on the
background check form as well as to transfer a firearm or ammo to someone
you know or "should have known" is such a user. Since the overall numbers
of prosecutions for the above has been low few people have bothered to
much about it and/or been willing to risk sticking their heads up on this issue.

The GOA had the cojones to at least mention it in opposing the Reid/Schumer/
Manchin/Feinstein gun bill, but marijuana reform groups have been pretty much

To me, this seems like an ideal issue for liberty-minded lefties and libertarian
types to cooperate and potentially *win* on - but few seem to perceive this as
an opportunity... However, with something like 45-plus million estimated US marijuana
users - including 2.5 to 3 million medical marijuana users plus their families and
*all* potentially affected by this you've got a pretty big pool of people who ought to
be outraged by this - but most of the people directly affected are not even aware
this situation exists.

Oregon Democratic Rep. Earl Blumenauer has been one of the congresscritters
most open to reform of marijuana laws but also supportive of every gun control measure
that comes along - after numerous letters requesting clarification about his
position he shocked me by providing something like an actual reply. He at least goes
to the trouble to claim not to be inconsistent in his positions.

What we need is a lot more pressure on a lot more politicians:

(Blumenauer's response)
"You raised a point in your letter about those convicted with a marijuana offense not being able to own firearms under the current definition of prohibited persons. There is no contradiction in my position. I do not think that marijuana should be listed as a Controlled Substance, and I support legislation that would remove it from the list, and regulate it like alcohol and tobacco. If marijuana were removed from the list of Controlled Substances, those who use it would not be subject to the Gun Control Act prohibited persons list, as they would not be considered an “unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance,” and no information about marijuana users would need to be provided to the NICS system. I therefore do not think that those who use marijuana should be on the prohibited persons list and denied the right to own firearms based solely on their use of marijuana, or that there information need be in the NICS database. I am working to change this through federal marijuana reform."

Of course he should at least *also* be trying to work on changing the unjust gun laws
and psylocibin reform, but I'd call this a step in the right direction, anyway.

old rant/post of mine (and my original letter to Blumenauer) on the subject: