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No he didn't

If you were a delegate, a person who was actually responsibl;e for getting Ron the nomination, we were all warned to be stealth, because the GOP was outting us (still is)..

Many of us, WE THE ONES WHO COULD GIVE RON THE NOMINATION (not you the registered who knows what that has one vote) many of us thought we could be like Ron Paul and vote how we wanted. Rand woke us up. They didn't care about Ron ir his NO, he ate lunch by himself.. but we were NOT Ron, and they were holding us to loyalty oaths.. so after ALL the primary elections, and Romney was selected, it was important that we were not purged. Rand stopped that purge.. that's how many were able to go to the convention.

So many here, mean well, but they have not gotten in the game and don't have a clue, and just write what they THINK.

When Rand endorsed Romney, I was with everyone else.. WTF??? And as I saw delegates being purged it dawned on me.. we are NOT Ron Paul, they are outting us. So that endorsement actually is what gave Ron Paul the votes he got at the RNC.

Get in the game and see for yourself how this works, rather then hold grudges for misinformation.