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I have a question.

Since Obamacare mandates that everyone buy health insurance then why, when it is implemented, would someone opt to pay out of pocket instead of using the insurance they have been forced to pay for? I am speaking of the majority of course.


After seeing how much insurance costs and how much the cost is expected to increase and the fact that we will be fined if we don't buy it then I don't see how your practice can hold up. Also do you think it likely that the government will end up passing more laws that make it mandatory that you must accept insurance? I mean that would be no different than mandating that people buy insurance in the first place.

The government has a way of getting what they want. I believe they want to force everyone into the medical system because of the control it offers. Forced insurance will be followed by forced "healthcare" itself. This I believe is for the purpose of having more control and it seems that in the end they will also have to force doctors to submit to their authority just as they are forcing everyone else to submit to the health "authorities". Their plans wont work if doctors don't comply.

In the end just as I am being forced against my will to participate in a system I don't believe in so will you and other doctors who rebel be forced to participate in a system you don't believe in.