Comment: Of course I take issue with Raimondo

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Of course I take issue with Raimondo

He says here: "Goldberg is a liar, and not a very good one at that: unlike the conservatives at National Review, no libertarians I have ever heard of have defended white supremacy, and there is nothing in the newsletters that validates this charge. "

Raimondo is incorrect. "white supremacy" is also known as Neo-nazis, and their racism is against Jews and Israel. Many here are constantly bashing Israel and Rand's trip to Israel. So if Raimondo is specifically saying that the racism and white sepremacy is limited to Black Americans, he is completely overlooking the offense many take with the so called libertarians who HATE Israel.

I get tons of downvotes beccause of my open support FOR Israel by these racists.

and here: The "sinful" strategy advanced by Rothbard was based on his critique of the libertarian movement as it existed in the late 1980s and early 90s: it was, he thought, too oriented to would-be "hipsters" who cared only about legalizing drugs, endorsing "alternative lifestyles," and played down the harder edges of a philosophy that opposes not only affirmative action and the welfare state but also "civil rights" laws that violate the rights of free association and property. "

I was a libertarian at this time, and I know having been there, our greatest strides were in advancing marijuana laws.. Propesition 215 in CA came from the LP. We paled in civil rights by comparision to the Democratic Party that owned that stump.

Raimonda asks: "If the "paleo" strategy was such a big mistake, how does Horwitz explain the Ron Paul phenomenon, which propelled a formerly marginal congressman from a rural district in Texas to the leadership of a national movement that today threatens the Republican establishment – and the Democratic establishment as well? "

Because it was not paleo stratigy, it was the movement against the war on drugs that fueled the LP.

Raimondo makes my point about racism here: "I put "left" in scare quotes because any left-winger worth his salt would not have written or published the embarrassing defense of Israel’s vicious attack on Gaza penned by Horwitz, whose heart apparently doesn’t bleed for the Palestinians. The Bleeders even have room for a "libertarian" foreign affairs commentator who supported the Iraq war."

It is the anti-Israel stand within the LP that takes offense to those who have NO idea what Israel represents (FREEDOM FROM ENSLAVEMENT AND STATE SOVREIGNITY FROM A GLOBAL GOVERNMENT).

And Raimondo is way off with this: "Isn’t it funny how often the media comes up with these cockamamie stories about all these alleged "splits" in our movement?"

The LP was never a movement until those who refused to join Ron Paul in the GOP rEVOLution (like Raimondo) made a Liberty Movement, who stood for Ron Paul's message and hoped to materialize it their way, so what do they do, nominate another Republican who donned a LP pin, GJ. If you were on DP, you saw the fight LIVE.

Firthermore, with the likes of Chomsky calling himself a Libertarian, the Libertarian has always been divided liberal and conservative libertarians, Ron Paul being on the conservative side, and while the left really liked Ron Paul, they didn't like him enough to follow his greates political genius, inviting us to take the GOP. They have every excuse known to man kind for NOT being involved in the war.. they expect others to do for them what they will not do for themselves and FIGHT those if us who joined the GOP to support Ron Paul (see my downvotes).

This is also not true: "Libertarians oppose all wars of aggression, and certainly the brutal military campaign by the North to forcibly reincorporate the South into the Union qualifies as such. "

Libertarians believe in being armed and have no problem defending their property, backing the Egyption coipe that installed mashall law and the Syrian civil war, on the side of anyone who HATES Israel. (and on that note, Israelis like their arms too, and will tell you, "If we were armed, the holocast would have never happened").

I don't agree with this either: "3) Alone among our presently serving elected officials, Paul has come out with some favorable comments about Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker who exposed the government’s vast and highly secret spying program. This last is a major "sin" – as Pope Jonah puts it – as far as the political class is concerned, and there can be no forgiveness."

Rand warned Snowden to NOT go to Russia, to not get himself caught up with socialst dictatorships. Snowden is in a glass prison in a Russia airport, no clean clothes, no good food, no shower, no good sleep, and tons of globalists who HATE the USA, using him to advance their own agenda and name. Rand has not defended Snowden but advised Snowden who has not listened and done the exact opposite.

I agree with this, because truth is funny, "To add a bit of comic relief to the scenario, the anti-Paulians have been joined by Rep. Peter King (R-IRA), who has opined that Hillary Clinton would "cream" Paul in a 2016 face-off,..."

Read comments to show anti-Israel remarks.

I have never liked the term "anti-semetic". Judaism isn't about race, that is a term left over from WWII that no longer fits. But because it is still in use, the fact is, being anti-Israel on the achilles heal of the LP, and LM.

Siding with Palestine is siding with the UN and Islam who are the organizations that keep Palestine a non-state under Islamic control. They do this becasue their HATRED fro Jews is prolific. The Muffi from Palestine was a dear friend of Hitler. The Ayrian Youth of Germany didn't understand the connection, as they had believed the holocast was to purify the white race, so what was Hitler doing in a loving embrace with the Muffi? Hitler responded, "We are on the same side, wiping out the Jews".

It's interesting to me to see how many have no idea that they quote Hitler frequently. This is how history repeats, today has forgotton what was yesterday.. Hitler said, "The Jews control everything", "The Jews control the money", "The Jews murder people". NONE OF THIS IS TRUE WHEN YOU BELIEVE THAT INDIVIDUALS ARE POWERFUL, NOT COLLECTIVES. It is the collective mind set among the LP that is defeating advancing Ron Paul's message.