Comment: Yep so the question is this.

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Yep so the question is this.

Yep so the question is this. Why all the taper talk? These idiots have an agenda. It was to stop bullion banks from losing their physical gold. ABN amro defaulted, the 400.00 gold price take down was an attempt to scare people out of their physical gold and to sell. Also to help the other bullion banks. The plan backfired. Lower prices caused HUGE demand. Now they are in a worse position. QE will be added to in the near term future. All those deflationist, prechterite, Elliot wave theory cultists are about to have their heads handed to them. Many hedge funds and speculators were sucked into going short the metals. They are about to be skinned alive. Watch this short squeeze. We could visit the lows one more time to suck in an even larger short position. But this coming short squeeze is going to be one for the record books.