Comment: Hiidden falsehoods

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Hiidden falsehoods

Those who invent falsehoods know that the falsehoods are falsehoods.

Those who have falsehoods hidden from them are subject to those falsehoods.

"Banks either went bust or got nationalized."

What is private?

What is public?

If the bank is private then no one but the owner, or owners, are using that bank.

If the bank is not private, then is the bank public?

If the bank is advertized as a private bank, but the bank is a public bank, then that is a case of falsehood, a crime in progress, and following the money back to the source of it finds the criminals busy at perpetrating their crime.

If the bankers know it is a falsehood, then the bankers are not subject to the fraud in progress.

If the bank is already public, then how can the bank suddenly become "nationalized"?

Before I go on to respond, here, please look at this:

If people can stop thinking in terms of either/or Public or Private and begin thinking in terms of the following, then things may be less false for the subjects of falsehood.

Criminals hiding behind the false front of Public

Criminals hiding behind the false front of Private

Non-criminal accurately known as being Public

Non-criminal accurately known as being Private

Private banks are understandable as a water tower on an individual's section of land where that individual has exclusive use of that water tower. That individual puts water in that tower, banking that water, investing in that water being up in that tower. That private individual is then able to draw down that supply of water deposited in that bank of water.

What happens if a nearby group of people place a poison, such as chromium 6 into the water table and then that private banker who banks on water deposited into a tank finds that his water is no longer water, his water is now counterfeit water, or poison?

Does that mean that the private bank used by the private banker now has a public bank?


The water table is public access, obviously, proven by the fact that a group of people gained access to the public access water table, and this would not be so difficult to understand if someone walks up to you at a restaurant and that person pisses in your glass of water, pisses all over your dinner, pisses on you, and then that individual claims that what they are doing to you is helping you with your efforts to find happiness in America, and then that person hands you a bill that you must pay to that individual for all the help in the form of piss.