Comment: I would dismiss this study

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I would dismiss this study

What meat and dairy was used? Its not what its in my fridge.

I buy 100% grass fed organic RAW milk. Everything I've read says its not the same as the factory farm pasteurized crap on most shelves.

Meat, I also buy 100% grassfed (sometimes organic) meat.....again from reading, it's not the same as the grain fed, hormone, antibiotic, factory crap in supermarkets.

This point alone tells me that this theory blows. The fact that humans need B-12 to survive, which comes from meat.
There's a few non-meat choices but it's not common.

True vitamin A comes from meat.

Also, if you want to make a war on food. Look at the all of the processed crap in supermarkets. Sugar and monsanto corn and soy is everywhere.