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Comment: He would never

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He would never

Ron would never claim to be a prophet.

For one thing, he is too humble.

For another, although he is a faithful man, he does not wear religion on his sleeve to gain political brownie points with believers.

Thirdly, his prophecies need not rely on the supposed ethos of being divine revelations. Instead, he can show us philosophically. He is a true lover of truth and wisdom, which does not please the crowd but often pleases God. The philosophy of Liberty and true Christian teachings are perfectly aligned since liberty arises from Natural Law.

Fourthly, events have and will continue to vindicate his predictions, which are based ultimately on a sound knowledge of Austrian Economics and the boom-bust business cycle brought about by central bank intervention.

Finally, it all boils down to Love. God is Love. Act out of Love and you fulfill all the commandments. One who follows the Golden Rule can not transgress the Mosaic or Noahide Laws, which is why it can replace them all in a manner of speaking. For example, one who places Love first, places God first since God is Love. On that vein...

One who places Love first will honor their parents.

One who places Love first will not steal.

One who places Love first will not murder.

One who places Love above all things will not be dishonest.