Comment: ditto here. I prefer the term minarchist, but the reality

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ditto here. I prefer the term minarchist, but the reality

Is that I want literally no government. I do want roads and an elected sheriff, and that's about it.

I prefer to call this current administration a bunch democratic anarchists. That's gets some heads to turn and makes people think, and when they ask how, I tell them complete and utter ignorance of the rule of law and our constitution, to a king's decree of executive orders which violate the foundation of laws in the first place.

The lesser of evils argument will prevail with most of society, it's have a fascist government here who gives you some freedoms in exchange that we don't get invaded by China or Russia, and all speak a different language in 50 years. That's exactly what happened to the indians, they were decimated by immigrants and organized government who waged war on them until their culture was pretty much destroyed.

Casinos and free fishing licenses are no replacement for the culture and honor they once had, or the wonderous nomadic way they lived off the land for centuries.

minarchist - AKA civil libertarian/anarchist. I also use the term borderline anarchist once in a while, but that meaning could be confused for a mental problem =)

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.