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Comment: Lets Make a Deal

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Lets Make a Deal

I'll allow the Federal Reserve Corporation to print 10% raises for all government employees, give 8 weeks paid vacation, 2 weeks sick days paid, all federal holidays paid, full medical benefits, end of year bonuses of 10% of yearly salary, and anything else I can think of with a few conditions.

The printed Fed money is all off budget, federal employees need individual warrants for every NSA spying activity no exceptions or blanket warrants, no more SWAT home invasions, demilitarized police departments, return the 2 billion DHS hollow point bullets, no TSA deployment on the streets of America, for starters.

Government employees that put in four hours a day will be considered to have worked a full day and be paid. Government employees will be encouraged to do online shopping, surfing porn, surfing social network sites, or just playing Donkey Kong all day, unlimited coffee, bathroom, and smoke breaks that's OK too and you will still be paid from off budget money from the Fed printed out of thin air. The less interaction for law enforcement with the general public the better.