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Comment: Clearly the solution here is

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Clearly the solution here is

Clearly the solution here is to impose economic sanctions to starve these children with no food imports until the country becomes instable enough to justify NATO bombing of infrastructure and eventually a ground invasion. Many of her friends will die or become refugees in a neighboring country but she will need to realize its for her own good. Once we are done bombing we will then bring in contractors to rebuild the infrastructure we destroyed and Blackwater security to harass the population.

Once the country is somewhat stable again we then pump their little heads full of Disney cartoons and western education to teach them that they need to be good little instant gratification consumers and to torment and outcast those who do not go along with the ideals of this new culture. Being an independent thinker, this girl will probably choose to be out casted rather than comply and will eventually be bullied into being a recluse to the point that the mainstream medical authorities will deem her mentally ill and prescribe SSRI drugs. These mind altering substances will drastically change the way she views reality and like so many other kids she may commit suicide as a result of the sudden changes in her brain chemistry.

And around and around we go...

These backward cultural norms need to stop, but we need to be very weary on how our 'intervention' in these matters is actually carried out and the consequences we inflict on other people when we do so.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.